Brad Pitt Is The Great American Gangster in ‘Killing Them Softly’ — TRAILER

Brad Pitt Cogan's Trade Killing Them Softly TrailerIf there’s anything we can expect from Brad Pitt, it’s that he’ll definitely make a movie in the next year or so in which he makes use of that his signature cocky swagger. Killing Them Softly is 2012’s dose. 

The newly released trailer introduces us to Pitt’s Jackie Cogan, a mob enforcer and all around slick guy. He’s called in to investigate a heist on a mob-run card game, and from the footage in the trailer, he’s clearly not the prisoner-taking type. Based on the classic novel, Cogan’s Trade, the film delves into the politics behind  America’s crime culture — a topic that earned the film mixed reviews at Cannes. 
Alongside Pitt, and lending him some mobster credit, are frequent good ol’ boys Ray “Crazy Eyes” Liotta (okay, I’m the only one who calls him that, but admit it: the name fits) and James Gandolfini. The film also features Richard Jenkins and Sam Shepard
Killing Them Softly hits theaters September 21. 

[Image: Weinstein Co.]


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