Brad Pitt Nabs Oscar-Nominated Co-Star Jonah Hill for ‘True Story’

jonah hillBrad Pitt and Jonah Hill may not have taken any gold statues home last night in terms of Moneyball, but these fellow Oscar nominees might get another shot at an Academy Award with their new project lined up: True Story, a Rupert Goold-directed adaption of a memoir by journalist Michael Finkel.

Pitt is going to produce the film and has coined his former co-star, Hill, to star alongside the likes of James Franco. Normally you’d expect to see these two paired in a lighthearted comedy spoof together, but this project is anything but. Based on a true story, this film will be another fact-based drama and allow Hill to stretch his acting chops beyond his usual funnyman role.

In the film, Hill will play Michael Finkel, a writer for The New York Times Magazine who learns that an FBI-wanted criminal, Christian Longo (played by Franco), has been living under his identity in Mexico. And now that Longo’s finally been caught, the only journalist he’ll agree to speak with is the real Finkel himself. Thinking this would be a great way to redeem both himself and his spiraling career, Finkel accepts the task, however, the reporting job quickly morphs into a shrewd game of cat-and-mouse, proving that finding the truth can be a rather slippery slope.

This could definitely help solidify Hill’s chances of being viewed as a “serious” actor, showing that he can do equally well in dramas as well as comedies. The Academy hasn’t seen the last of this guy just yet.

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Source: Deadline