Brad Pitt to Star in WWII Tank Movie, Hopes It Doesn’t Tank

 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is going to be  in a tank movie.

I thought you should know this, it being a Thursday morning and all and the weekend seems just a little bit out of reach and your boss did that horrible thing to you today and you’re not eating bread because we’re getting close to beach season and it’s time to slim down. You need something, just a bit of joy to make it through. Well, now you have it, Brad Pitt is going to star in Fury, a movie about tanks. And World War II. The only thing that could make this more American is if he has a mother named Betsy Ross who bakes apple pies and a castmember from Duck Dynasty is in a supporting role. Another gift from Hollywood. 

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The movie was written by David Ayer, who wrote The Fast and the Furious and wrote and directed the underappreciated Jake Gyllenhaal-in-a-cop-uniform movie End of Watch. The Hollywood Reporter says, “Fury is set in the waning days of World War II’s European theater and revolves around the five-man crew of an American tank named Fury that runs across a desperate German division.” That means there will be more people to hire. You could be one of them. Yes, in a few months you won’t be in front of a computer screen, you’ll be behind a giant freaking gun next to Brad freaking Pitt. Go think about that while you eat your bologna sandwich. 

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[Photo Credit: Andreas Fischer/AP Photo]

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