Is Bradley Cooper Starring in a David O. Russell Remake of ‘Freaky Friday’?

Bradley Cooper and his new perm

Alright, guys, be honest: is this untitled David O. Russell film about Abscam (that FBI investigation in the ’70s and ’80s that convicted a bunch of high-ranking government officials — 31! — of corruption) actually just a Freaky Friday remake? Because Bradley Cooper‘s hair is giving us some serious Justin Timberlake circa *NSYNC vibes. And if the two traded hair, we’d finally be able to understand the slicked-back mini-pompadour the 20/20 Experience crooner has been rocking as of late. Does he rent out his old hair for pocket money, perhaps?

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Seriously, though: we get that the film takes place in the ’70s, but what is the reason for a perm so fresh? How is someone involved in an undercover sting operation going to get away with being covert with this follicle foible? We just have so many questions! 

While the Timberfro may be on the cast list, its previous owner is not. But that’s not to say the film doesn’t have a stellar cast (because of course it does): Christian BaleAmy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence also star opposite Cooper and his perm. Cooper’s curls and the rest of our merry band of dated hairstyles are set to hit theaters this Christmas — so we won’t have much longer to wait and see what in the what is going on here.

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