Bradley Cooper Hints at ‘The Hangover Part III’ – Which City Will They Destroy This Time?

Zach GalifianakisIt is a sure thing that The Hangover Part III will eventually manifest in some form. But the structure of this movie, its content and its location, are still ambiguous—both to the public and to director Todd Phillips. We are promised one thing: The Hangover Part III will not follow the formula of The Hangover and the near-identical Hangover Part II. This time, there might be no wedding. No lost crew-member. There might even be no hangover whatsoever. But then, what are we left with?

Aside from the plot, a big question concerning the third film is its location. Las Vegas and Thailand served as strong characters in the first and second films, respectively. So, a third, equally vibrant, epic city would be necessary to continue out the sentiment of the first two-thirds of the trilogy. While Phillips has stated that he is still completely open to ideas for a third city, star Bradley Cooper stated on the Graham Norton Show that he “think[s] it’ll take place in L.A.” Cooper also mentioned that he “hope[s] we’re going start shooting in September,” and that he “know[s] Todd Phillips is working on the script.”

So, L.A., eh? Sure, it’s got its charm. But I think they should go rogue here. L.A. is too easy and comfortable. It might have worked in the first movie, but they’ve expanded the realm of possibility beyond what might happen in an L.A. alley after dark. I’m thinking Kharthoum. Bishkek. The jungles of the Congo. I’m not sure what Phillips, Cooper and co-stars Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms have in store for Part III, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be able to organically take place in a jungle.

Source: Indiewire