Bradley Cooper Joins Steven Spielberg’s Navy SEAL True Story, ‘American Sniper’

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If there’s one man in Hollywood who loves his country, it’s Bradley Cooper. You may have heard that he’s reteaming with David O. Russell for the FBI sting operation film American Hustle. This on top of his previous exploits: the 2008 drama Older Than America and the cult classic comedy Wet Hot American Summer. But the patriotism is only just picking up — Cooper has officially signed on to Steven Spielberg’s developing account of NAVY Seal Chris Kyle, titled (of course) American Sniper.

Spielberg’s rep confirmed the news of the actor’s casting to, stating that “[Cooper’s] company bought the property back about a year ago. He has a deal at Warner Bros. … So that’s how it originated.”

The news comes in the wake of Cooper’s leave from Jane Got a Gun, the most contentious production in show business today — the ill-fated film has lost a handful of key members already, including star Michael Fassbender and director Lynne Ramsey. Presumably, Cooper’s new endeavor will enjoy a good deal more stability. Spielberg is crafting the movie based on the book American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, written by and about Kyle, who held the record for the highest number of confirmed sniper kills in the American military.

So can Cooper pull off sniper? He’s done hopeless romantic with bioplar disorder, ambitious drug addict with a growing brain, bachelor party douchebag, Frat Pack villain… yeah, we can see lethal sniper added to this list just fine.

Reporting by Lindsey DiMattina

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