‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Takes on Nick Hornby, Bitch!

Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad, To Star in Long Way DownJesse Pinkman is about to spend a little more time as someone else’s delivery boy. 

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, who rose to fame as the young Meth dealer alongside Bryan Cranston on AMC’s Emmy-winning series, just nabbed a major role in Long Way Down, an adaptation of Nick Hornby’s beloved novel. Paul plays a pizza delivery boy caught up in a suicide pact with three other characters — a talk show host, teenage girl, and mother of a disabled child — to be played by Pierce Brosnan, Imogen Poots, and Toni Collette, respectively, according to Deadline. The dark tale follows the quartet as they meet up at the top of a tall building to complete their pact on New Year’s Eve. Clearly, Paul has no desire to take on a project that lets him explore the lighter side of life. 
Should this film be successful, it could be the vehicle Paul needs to break out beyond his television prowess, much like Cranston has attempted with roles in this summer’s Total Recall and Rock of Ages, or Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm has done successfully with roles in Bridesmaids and Friends with Kids
By the time the film starts shooting in London this September, we may as well start calling Paul the Prince of Darkness. Sorry, Ozzy Osbourne. 
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