Join In on Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce’s Sordid Love Affair ‘Breathe In’ trailer.

Melodic piano notes trickle in the background of the trailer for Breath In, starring Felicity Jones, Guy Pearce, and Amy Ryan. The dramatic film comes from the acclaimed director Drake Doremus, who also directed Like Crazy, in which Jones starred as well.

The trailer for Breath In starts with some precious family bonding over a classic game of Jenga, complete with giggling as the tower collapses. But then drama escalates when Sophie Williams (Jones) moves in as an exchanged student from the U.K. and seriously shakes things up. 

After murmuring to the father of her host family, Keith (Pearce), that “one day you’ll be free,” theatrics unfold and sexual tension between bespectacled Keith and schoolgirl Williams bubbles over and soon ignites in a full-on frenzy. Tears stream and a symphony sounds as chaos unravels.

Take a deep breath before you catch Breathe In in theaters July 19.

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