Bredan Fraser To Star In ‘Whole Lotta Sole’

Brendan FraserRemember when Brendan Fraser was the man? Specifically, when he made movies like Airheads and guest starred on Scrubs? Oh, and Bedazzled! That was a good movie. Stupid, but good. Whatever happened to that guy? Why does he always pick the dumbest movies to star in? 

I don’t know, but he’s got another shit-bucket movie lined up as of today. This one is called Whole Lotta Sole and it he’ll play the proprietor of a fish shop that gets robbed and after some wacky hijinks it turns into a hostage situation! He’ll also be on the run from his father-in-law who is in the mafia. Sure, why not. Throw in a talking bass mounted on the wall and I might have to hurt somebody. Come on Fraser!

Whole Lotta Sole will be directed by Terry George, he of Hotel Rwanda fame. The world makes no more sense. I quit. I give up. Take it all away. Peace out!

Source: Variety