Brenda Chapman Leaves Pixar’s ‘Brave’

ALT TEXTBrenda Chapman, the first woman ever to direct an animated film (The Prince of Egypt), will not be the first woman ever to direct a Pixar film.

The director was set to handle Brave, Pixar’s upcoming 2012 animated film, but ComingSoon reports she’s left the project and is no longer with the studio. Mark Andrews, co-director of the Pixar short, One Man Band, has taken over the directing ropes.

Brave, to be released June 15, 2012, tells the story of Merida, a daughter of royalty who fights with her mother to be an archer. The stress of Merida’s decision causes problems in her father’s kingdom and mother’s life. Throughout the film, Merida tries to right things, struggling with forces of nature, magic, and ancient curses.

There are no details as to why exactly Chapman left, but let’s hope it was because of creative decisions and that’s it. It’s a little sad that a woman has never directed a Pixar film. And Brave, since it centered on a female lead character, seemed to be the perfect opportunity to break the male-dominated streak.

Source: ComingSoon