Brett Ratner Producing Comic-Book Adaptation “The Unknowns”

ALTAccording to The Wrap, producer-director Brett Ratner‘s Rat Entertainment has bought the rights to the comic book “The Unknowns,” which they plan to adapt and develop into a feature film.  But don’t fret if you haven’t heard of “The Unknowns” – your geek cred is still intact – the comic book series debuted just last week at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. 

According to its press release, “The Unknowns is a twisty, action-packed superhero noir features [sic] the likeness of actress/model Monica Olsen, who portrays the titular character of Alexis Davenport, a suburban office worker who learns that she was once part of a globetrotting mysterious superhero team, The Unknowns.  Searching for her true identity, Davenport will be reunited with her colleagues and go in search of who wants them dead and what they were trying to cover-up without knowing who she can – and can’t – trust.”

First of all, that copy is absolutely headache inducing.  Second, that sounds awfully hackneyed (another female Jason Bourne?) – especially since the series appears to be little more than a vehicle for “actress/model” Monica Olsen (who does not have an IMDB page).  Still, perhaps I’m letting my prejudice against Brett Ratner (his X-Men: The Last Stand and Rush Hour 3 were insufferable) cloud my judgment.  Luckily, Ratner hasn’t yet nominated himself to direct, though Rat Entertainment’s John Cheng has stepped up to exec produce and oversee the project’s development for the company. 

At the very least, Ratner will oversee production of “The Unknowns,” which is published by Femme Fatales Comics.  His most recent project is New Line’s black comedy Horrible Bosses, which is in pre-production now.

Source: The Wrap