Brian Wilson Gives Blessing to ‘Special’ Biopic

The Beach Boys star Brian Wilson has given his blessing to a biopic of his turbulent life, and will act as consultant when production gets underway.

The “Good Vibrations” songwriter famously suffered a nervous breakdown while working on the group’s Smile album in the late 1960s and only recently completed the project.

Although he admits he will struggle to watch scenes dealing with his mental health problems, he insists he has a “special feeling” about the project.

He says, “I love the idea of there being a movie on my life, and I can’t wait to see the script.

“When I see the movie I’ll be ill at ease at some of the bad parts but I remember when we made Pet Sounds, and I knew we were up to something spiritual and special. I have that feeling again.”

Wilson will re-team with director David Leaf on the as-yet-untitled movie–Leaf directed a documentary about the completion of the Smile album.

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