‘Bridesmaids’ Duo Judd Apatow & Paul Feig To Re-team

judd apatowSweetness! I kind of take offense to Deadline calling Bridesmaids a “sleeper” hit because I knew that besides the fact that it was written by Kristen Wiig, any time Paul Feig and Judd Apatow work together you’ll get a hit. I mean, these two guys created Freaks and Geeks. They’ve got magic together. And now, they’re going to be working together again. Oh yeeeeah.

Not much is known about the new project besides the fact that it’s a love story and Feig’s been working on it for a few years. Considering that he came up with Freaks and Geeks for years and based it off his own life, comedy nerds and fans of just plain, good cinema should be really excited. No, you need to be more excited. Seriously, you’re not excited enough. Why are you still sitting? If you’re sitting, you’re not excited enough. God, you’re like a wet rag. Shame on you.

Source: Deadline