Britney Spears Does Not Approve Of Her New Lifetime Movie


Britney Spears is having a major year — she’s got a new album dropping, a wildly successful Vegas residency, and just tore the roof off of James Corden’s car in Carpool Karaoke. There is one thing Spears is not so happy about — her brand new Lifetime biopic.

Yesterday, Lifetime announced that they’d be giving Brit-Brit the same treatment as Aaliyah, Brittany Murphy90210 and Saved By The Bell by creating a made-for-TV movie about the singer’s life. Aside from the very strange fact that they’re making a biopic of someone who is very alive with a very successful career when they usually focus on stars who passed away, there’s probably a couple of things Spears doesn’t want to drum up from her past.

A rep for Spears let everyone know the singer has zero involvement in the film, and she definitely doesn’t approve of it. “Britney Spears will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the Lifetime biopic, nor does it have her blessing,” the rep said in a statement to Hollywood Life. Let’s just hope she’s getting paid for her trouble!

Spears has had a difficult life, and since the early aughts, she’s been working to fix her image. Right now, it seems like she’s finally managed to pull herself back up, and she’s kind of, totally killing it. The Lifetime movie is definitely going to bring up a few unsavory things from her past — her terrible divorce from Kevin Federline and that time she shaved her head on a whim. It will probably also focus on some amazing things like that time she and Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits and the fact that she became a massive, wildly successful pop star at such a young age. It’s a give and take.

Natasha Basset will star as Britney in the upcoming film, and we’re wondering how she feels about not having the approval of the star she’s meant to play. It must be weird, right?

Britney will come out sometime in 2017, and hopefully by then, Spears will have worked out something with the network. She should at least have some say with how she’s portrayed.