‘Broken City’: How the Mark Wahlberg Noir Captured Its ‘Edgy and Sexy’ Look — EXCLUSIVE

Credit: 20th Century Fox

If when you saw Broken City in theaters and thought to yourself that the Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe-lead cat and mouse drama was “edgy and sexy and mysterious”, well then you were on the same page as the film’s co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones. Because that’s exactly how the Oscar-winning actress described the look and feel of the moody thriller in this behind-the-scenes Blu-ray featurette made exclusive to Hollywood.com. 

In the clip, the cast and crew of Broken City — which arrives in on Blu-ray on April 30 — discuss how director Allen Hughes managed to pull off the classic stylish noir look in, or as costume designer Betsy Heimann described it: “a period feel in a modern world.” 

Watch the exclusive featurette below, which includes snippets from Hughes and Crowe, as well as a dissection of a particularly memorable scene in which Wahlberg’s character falls off the wagon and stumbles down the street. According to Hughes, Wahlberg went off script and improvised “having a nervous breakdown” and that particular moment gave “the urgency and the essence of a noir film… [by]trying to make something out of nothing.” Check it out: 

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