Bruce Boxleitner: ‘Tron 3’ Is ‘Done Deal’

In what could very well turn out to be a case of wishful thinking more than anything else, Bruce Boxleitner, star of the sci-fi cult classic Tron and supporting castmember in its less-heralded 2010 follow-up, Tron: Legacy, claimed that a third Tron film is “a done deal,” and will arrive in theaters some time in 2013. To be fair to the actor, Disney has done its part to maintain the appearance of a follow-up to Joseph Kosinski‘s CGI spectacle, even going so far as to hire a writer, David DiGilio (Eight Below), to pen a script. But the chances of the project actually making it beyond the development stage remain slim, as there is hardly a groundswell of demand for Tron 3. Still, have a listen to what Boxleitner had to say at Disney’s recent D23 convention in Anaheim, if only to admire his glass-half-full optimism:

Source: Slashfilm

Should the project actually gain momentum, one person you won’t likely to see in a third Tron film is Jeff Bridges. Check out our interview with the Tron: Legacy star: