Bruce Willis And Sigourney Weaver Face ‘The Cold Light Of Day’

ALTBruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver may be joining the cast of next year’s most generic thriller, The Cold Light Of Day. JCVD director Mabrouk El Mechri has signed on to direct the Summit-Intrepid film, and Tudors’ star Henry Cavill has already signed on as the lead.

The Cold Light Of Day centers on a  young wall street trader (Cavill) whose family is kidnapped during a vacation to Spain. In order to save his family, he must “unravel a government conspiracy” surrounding his father (Willis). Weaver will reportedly play someone “involved in the kidnapping plot.” Production stars September 6th in Spain.

There is some promising talent involved in this project; Weaver is usually strong, Mechri’s JCVD was fascinating, and The Wire writer Richard Price is taking a pass at the script, but the premise sounds incredibly trite. If they were going to do the whole “I’m trying to save my family!” thing, they could have at least cast Harrison Ford. Let’s hope that throwing talented people at the problem helps it go away.

Source: Variety