Bruce Willis Thinks Today is ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ — TRAILER

Yippie kai-yay, Mother Russia. John McClane is back, and it’s going to be hard for this motherf**ker to die when he’s trying to save the life of his son. Yes, the long-running movie franchise has a new sequel coming out called A Good Day To Die Hard, and it looks like everything you’d want and expect from the hard-nose character played by Bruce Willis.

The story goes something like this: John McClane has found himself in Moscow to try and help out his song, Jack (played by Jai Courtney). The problem is that John has apparently gone unaware that his boy is actually a highly-trained CIA operative on the brink of stopping a nuclear weapons heist. Of course, this means shenanigans involving some seedy Russian underbelly characters, a lot of explosions, catchphrases, and gun fire.

Growing up in a house where my mother’s favorite films were the original Die Hard trilogy, it’s hard to not get somewhat excited about this one. You know what you’re getting with these films, and with his son a grown man now, we imagine some great, grounded familial hijinks will round it out nicely.

A Good Day To Die Hard hits theaters February 14, 2013—your Valentine’s Day plans are set!

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