Bryan Cranston May Join ‘Argo’

Bryan CranstonAll right, Affleck. I think we’re beginning to mend our differences. I thought the subject matter of the director’s upcoming Argo might be beyond his artistic capacity. Then I criticized him for casting himself in yet another hero position. But if a major role does indeed fall into Bryan Cranston’s hands, I will swallow my pride and go on the record as being officially and completely on board with this movie.

Cranston—the legendary star of Breaking Bad, the only television show that actually gives me heart palpitations—is reportedly a very likely candidate for CIA Agent Jack O’Donnell, playing opposite Affleck’s Agent Tony Mendez.

The film is a real-life adaptation of a 1970s CIA hostage-rescue operation, and it’s attracted the formidable acting talents of Alan Arkin and John Goodman. They alone could make this a should-see movie, but with Cranston, whose brilliance gets far too little attention, America could be in for one of the biggest and most surprising thrills in cinema.

Cranston—probably better associated with his patriarchal Malcolm in the Middle role, will also appear in the Tom Hanks movie Larry Crowne opening this Friday, playing the dean of the college that Hanks’ character attends. Having proven that he is more than capable at comedy and dangerously outstanding at dramatic acting, I would stake my hopes in any project that signs him. So, let’s hope Argo nabs him.

Source: Comingsoon