‘Buffy’ Getting Remade Minus Joss Whedon: Face Palm Of The Day

Face PalmIt’s been a while since we’ve hit the palms with our foreheads, but news today deserves nothing better. For you see, the powers that be have decided that Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the FILM, not the TV show [not yet at least, thank god]) needs a reboot. A reboot without Joss Whedon.

Granted, I know that Whedon is considered among nerds to be a God amongst mortals, but whether you like him or not you gotta admit that a Buffy without Whedon is just silly. It would be like doing an Avatar without James Cameron or The Office without Ricky Gervais. Just the mere thought of them doing this… wait a second. They did do an Office without Ricky Gervais. That doesn’t really hold up at all.

And wait a second, this isn’t the first time this has happened either. A year and half ago, there were news reports that they were doing the exact same thing to Buffy (all new cast, no Joss, no connections whatsoever) in order to try and strong arm Whedon into being a part of the production. Since we’ve been down this road before and nothing happened, maybe it will be the same. After all, the only thing different is this time they’ve hired a screenwriter Whit Anderson.

So will this get made? Hopefully not, but it appears the people behind it are adamant about it whether Joss Whedon wants to or not. It’s definitely not a good idea, but if they own the rights to the property they can unfortunately do what they want with it. I doubt Whedon will step in to save this because he’s kind of busy with a slightly larger film called The Avengers, but keep your steaks handy just in case.

Source: Deadline and Pajiba