‘Bullet to the Head’: Sylvester Stallone’s Post-‘Expendables 2’ Solo Venture — TRAILER

Bullet to the HeadOn Thursday, one of the established action movie veterans starring in the new genre send-up The Expendables 2 came out with a trailer for another upcoming guns-a-blazin’ flick: specifically, one about a rogue cop with an unlikely companion who’ll take down injustice by any means necessary, no matter how lethal.

On Friday… see above.

Following the release of the trailer for the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Last Stand comes Sylvester Stallone’s turn as an officer on a mission: the film is called Bullet to the Head, and it pairs Stallone with Fast and the Furious recurring player Sung Kang. As a duo, they fight crime, argue about the ethics of killing everyone in sight (Kang is anti-murder, Stallone is pro), and riff on the starring player’s advancement in years. It might be unjust to compare Bullet to the Head to The Last Stand, but it’s inevitable; this new trailer doesn’t look like it has the self-directed sense of humor that The Last Stand does (at least not intentionally), and aims instead for a somewhat clunky, cliched action flick. Still, there is entertainment value in that. Even if you’re laughing at the overuse of standard action movie-isms, or at Stallone’s agitated groans, you’re still laughing. If comedy and action both vie primarily for fun, the same result might be achieved either way.

Check out the trailer below from IGN, which also features Jason Momoa and Christian Slater.


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