Bullock Has Biggest Star Power at Box Office

Sandra Bullock was the biggest draw at the box office in 2009, according to a new survey.

The actress appeared in three movies in the past 12 months — romantic comedy The Proposal, football drama The Blind Side and comedy All About Steve.

The films proved to be most popular with moviegoers, with The Blind Side taking $193 million, domestically, to date.

Bullock’s popularity put her ahead of actors like Johnny Depp and George Clooney on the annual list by Quigley Publishing Company, which collates various pieces of information from theater owners across the U.S.

The news tops a stellar year for the actress — she was also recently named Entertainment Weekly magazine’s Entertainer of the Year, beating stars including Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift to the top spot.

The top 10 actors with star power in 2009 is as follows:

1) Sandra Bullock

2) Johnny Depp

3) Matt Damon

4) George Clooney

5) Robert Downey, Jr.

6) Tom Hanks

7) Meryl Streep

8) Brad Pitt

9) Shia LaBeouf

10) Denzel Washington

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