Bursting Heads Abound in New ‘Act of Valor’ Red-Band Clip

Arriving in theaters nationwide this Friday is Act of Valor, a novel action-thriller which pits real-life Navy SEALS against fictional terrorists. (The opposite to me seems more appealing, but I imagine the insurance costs would be prohibitive — not to mention the complaints from Homeland Security.) I have no idea whether any of these Navy fellows can act, but, as the following red-band, NSFW featurette from the film attests, their marksmanship is absolutely top-notch. If you are of appropriate age, take a gander at the abundant headshots that await in Act of Valor:

Act of Valor stars Emilio Rivera, Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, and Nestor Serrano, and is directed by Scott Waugh.

Source: IGN

Click on the image below for more badass Act of Valor pics: