Burton and August In Talks For ‘Monsterpocalypse’

ALTDreamWorks is courting Tim Burton, master of generic quirkiness, to adapt the strategy game Monsterpocalypse with John August. August, who worked with Burton on Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is in negotiations to script the project. Assuming that the film’s story sticks close to that of the original game, it will be about monsters destroying things. Strategically.

Burton’s prior commitment to the Dark Shadows reboot and Disney’s live-action Maleficent may conflict with Monsterpocalypse, and prevent him from taking over as director. Actors Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter may also have scheduling conflicts, with their upcoming roles in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean and Toast, respectively. Neither actor is officially being discussed for the film, but honestly when was the last time Tim Burton made a film without shoehorning those two into a role? This film may be a stupid idea, but I’m warming up to the image of a 100-story-sized Johnny Depp in a rubber Godzilla suit rampaging through the streets of New York.

Source: NYMagazine