‘Butter’ Trailer with Jennifer Garner: Watch and Churn 

The trailer for the long-delayed indie comedy Butter, which surprisingly enough has nothing to do with Paula Deen, hit the web today — featuring a star-studded cast that includes Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Ty Burrell, Kristen Schaal, Rob Corddry, Ashley Greene, and — as if we’d forget to mention! — Alicia Silverstone. The wacky quirk-fest is about a butter carving contest, with a hearty side of adultery and politics. C’mon, when will Hollywood stop recycling the same old stories?!
Whether this turns into the Little Miss Sunshine of the butter carving world remains to be seen, though there is an adorable precocious youngster in the mix. It seems like Garner continues to be in top form, playing a prim and proper Type A Midwesterner a la Juno, with just a hint of Sarah Palin. But Garner isn’t the only one playing to her strengths — there’s also Wilde playing a sexpot, Burrell playing a dopey husband, and Corddry killing it with the comic timing. (“What if this place is filled with good-looking British vampires?”)
Watch the full trailer of the 2011 Telluride Film Festival entry, complete with Hugh Jackman asking wildly inappropriate questions to Mrs. Ben Affleck, below. 

Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde Will Stop Your Heart in New Butter Pics