‘By Virtue Fall’ Adds A Whole Mess Of Actors

James SpaderHoo boy, did By Virtue Fall score big in the casting lottery. (I’m assuming that’s how these things work. There’s some giant bingo machine with actor’s faces on it? No?) The film managed to round up a nice little ensemble to compliment already-signed Eric Bana. We’ve got James Spader, Carla Gugino, Ryan Phillippe, Treat Williams and Kim Coates all joining the film that follows an ATF agent (Bana) who becomes enemies with a fellow agent after one of them frames the other. And it looks like quite an impressive cast.

The film comes from Up in the Air co-writer Sheldon Turner who is making this his directorial debut.

Also, the ATF sounds like the least imposing organization of the government, but I think that’s because they leave off the E at the end of the acronym. It’d be kind of hard to stop the hoards of 12 year old boys from lining up to work in the government program that dealt with explosives. BOOM.

Source: Hollywood Reporter