Cage and Kidman Retaliate in ‘Trespass’ Trailer

Nicole KidmanIn the trailer for Trespass, two thieves break into the household of an incredibly affluent family (Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman and daughter Liana Liberato). What they want: the contents of Cage’s vault. What he’s willing to part with: not that. The trailer depicts the two acts to this movie. In the first, the terrified married couple pleads for the insanity to end. In the second, the married couple BECOMES the insanity and fights back. Will Joel Schumacher’s hostage thriller be awe-inspiring cinema? Unlikely. An exciting watch? Very likely.

Check out the first trailer for the movie below then head over and see Kidman and Cage act terrified in freeze frame in the official Trespass poster.

Source: Indiewire