Cam Gigandet’s ‘Johnson’ Runs Away

Cam Gigandet, Johnson MovieWell they’re certainly walking a hard line with this one, aren’t they? The Hollywood Reporter has details on the up-and-coming new comedy from screenwriter Jeff Tetreault titled Johnson. This will be the seminal film for the writer, and according to Tetreault, “it’s semi-autobiographical.” Sounds like he’ll really be exposing himself.

The film tells the story of Rich Johnson (played by Cam Gigandet), a working stiff and sexual blow-hard whose excessive lady-bedding causes him to get shafted by his own overworked junk. His genitals take on human form and are played quite erectly by the comedian Nick Thune.

According to Tetreault, there was slight worry if Thune could really pull it off: “Nick is only 6’4, though. Shaq would be more of an accurate physical representation” of the lost member in question. Looks like Tetreault will just have to suck it up, though, as filming gets underway in Chicago next week.

The film’s over-the-top sense of humor wasn’t too gag-inducing, though. Huck Botko, the recent director of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell‘s The Virginity Hit has signed on to helm the flick. At least he doesn’t have to hang around those two nuts all day.

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