Cameron Crowe Adds Patrick Fugit To ‘Zoo’

Patrick FugitCameron Crowe is dipping into the well again (though the exact whereabouts and contents of this well are still up in the air (how a well got up in the air is still being researched as well)) by casting his almost famous Almost Famous (see what I did there?) star Patrick Fugit in his next film We Bought A Zoo.

The film has already cast Matt Damon as the main character who (you’ll never believe this) purchases a zoo and ropes his family into rebuilding and running said zoo. Thomas Haden Church will play Damon’s brother. Fugit’s role is being kept secret (he’ll probably play someone who works at the zoo). And Damon’s wife will probably be played by Scarlett Johansson dhegrnnrunvhnrhncnmomaiwexqmqowcm, whoops, sorry about that. My jaw fell on the keyboard.

I don’t think we have to argue about how awesome Damon and Johansson are (unless we’re arguing about HOW awesome they are). Fugit is awesome though. He’s one of the young actors that I wish we would see more of. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Michael Ceras and Jesse Eisenbergs as much as the next guy, but a little variety never hurts and Fugit can easily fill that void. If you haven’t seen Saved!, you need to see it now. Fugit doesn’t tranform or transcend the film, its just a really fucking good movie that you should see that happens to have Fugit in it.

Also, how do we say his name? Is it FOO-get? Fuh-GIT? I’m really confused and could use some clarification.

Source: Hollywood Reporter