Cameron Diaz Joins ‘Annie’ as the Evil Miss Hannigan

Credit: Splash News

It’d take a real master of the acting craft to marshall up the ability to pretend not to like Quvenzhané Wallis. That’s presumably why the role of Miss Hannigan, the cruel, child-hating orphanage matron from the classic Annie, has gone thus far uncast in the developing new film adaptation of the musical starring Wallis. Rumors had linked Sandra Bullock to the part, but she resisted. No doubt because one glance at that charming Hushpuppy evaporated any shred of the Oscar winning actress’ confidence in her capability for good ol’ cinamatic villainy. However, new reports from Deadline peg Cameron Diaz as the next name to try her hand at the impossible task.

Diaz has signed on as Miss Hannigan, working alongside Wallis as the titular Annie and Jamie Foxx as that old softy Daddy Warbucks. Hannigan’s notable songs include “Little Girls” and “Easy Street,” both of which are vindictive ditties about her aversion to humankind and her love for money (and alcohol). Although Diaz has handled nefarious characters in the past, she still seems somewhat the odd choice for this time-honored musical baddie… but as long as she can maintain a grimace in the face of Wallis’ life-affirming smile, then she’ll do.

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