Cameron Diaz Chosen Over Angelina Jolie for ‘The Counselor’

ALT You’ve got to imagine that casting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie opposite one another in a cocaine-addled thriller would be a pretty lucrative decision. Well, fail-safe box office hits and endless media coverage be damned! The Counselor is going with Cameron Diaz.

The above is said will all due respect and love for Diaz, whose connotations with flimsier films like Bad Teacher and the Charlie’s Angels movies unfairly outweigh those with her impressively dark performances in Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky. But you’ve got to imagine that the missed opportunity of adding Jolie to a cast that already includes fiancé Pitt (no word on exactly why Jolie’s involvement has been terminated, nor whether it was the production’s decision or hers) is a salted wound to the film’s investors.

Still, no complaints here because the cast is great. Michael Fassbender leads as an attorney who gets himself wrapped up in criminal activity just after getting engaged. Javier Bardem plays his segue into the world of drug smuggling, with Pitt carrying the seediest role as an archetypal criminal who helps the boys in their endeavor. Diaz has the role originally eyed by Jolie: A sexual figure from Argentina who further complicates things for Fassbender and Bardem. If that doesn’t sell you, the film is being directed by Ridley Scott, from an original script by Cormac McCarthy.

So long as Diaz doesn’t do an accent, this thing should be a grand slam cinematic home run.

[Photo Credit: Dave Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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