Can ‘Vampire Academy’ Make Vampires Cool Again?

Vampire AcademyThe Weinstein Company

Although we’ve seriously moved on from all things vampire, we think Vampire Academy might be able to make them cool again. In recent years, zombies, witches, and werewolves have surpassed vampires in the high school hierarchy, but that could all change when Vampire Academy hits theaters on Feb. 14.

Vampire Academy is based on the widely popular book series by Richelle Mead that first came out in 2007. The film adaptation combines two heavy-hitters in teen Hollywood movies. It’s directed by Mark Waters, who also brought us Mean Girls, while the script was co-written by Daniel Waters, who wrote the cult-classic Heathers (which some have described as the ‘80s version of Mean Girls.) With such great people on board, how could Vampire Academy not be a hit?

After watching the trailer, fans of the series will notice that many of the best scenes from the book have made it into the film — it seems very little has been changed in the adapting process. An exclusive clip released by MTV gave us a longer look at one of those scenes. The fast paced dialogue is on par with many of the best teen dramas and the characterization of the main players seems to be spot on.

From what we can tell, Vampire Academy doesn’t just look like a really cool vampire movie — although it does, even though we hate ourselves for saying it — it looks like it’s going to be a really cool teen movie. (We’re not saying it’s as good as Mean Girls and Heathers just yet, but it could be.)