Captain America Costume Sold For $228k. Let’s Discuss.

ALT Last weekend in Chicago, someone bought the Captain America costume you see to your left for $228,000. An auction of memorabilia from Captain America: The First Avenger and other Marvel films grossed an impressive $1.1 million, mostly because of that guy. According to The Wrap, this mystery man (or woman — but doubtful), paid roughly three times as much as the $82,000 that a collection of Whitney Houston’s personal items took in at an auction earlier this month.

Now, I know that the fairly recent uptick in social acceptability for geek fandom (Which, arguably, was largely a result of the Olivia Munn Effect: Women embracing nerdom makes it a hell of a lot more fun for the previously-closeted guys) has led to plenty of moolah for the studios and the producers of these lunchboxes and silly costumes. But this particular purchase seems a little — well, insane — the costume was only expected to take in between $20,000 and $30,000. What it is about this Captain America costume (worn by the admittedly sexy Chris Evans), that would make our mystery buyer choose it over, say, a condo in Miami? It’s time to get to the bottom of this.

1. He/she is very patient and feels that the monetary value of this costume will eventually rise, thus allowing him to purchase TWO condos in Miami.

This option is highly probable, because something like this in mint condition could definitely garner a huge sum years down the line. Still — so would some prime real estate, and you can enjoy that luxury condo/beach house/cabin in the woods RIGHT NOW. It’s way better than waiting for a Cap costume to gain value. Having a Captain America costume in your house is definitely legit in some crowds, but not nearly as cool as sprawling city views or an infinity pool. This person clearly has the funds, but not the sensible friends pointing him in the right direction. Friends don’t let friends spend $228k on a movie costume, period.

2. He/she bought it for their terminally ill, Captain America-obsessed child, making me an official horrible person.

In this case our mystery buyer is a saint, and I would feel really bad for making fun of him.

3. He/she has a weird sexual fetish.

In this scenario, who do you think his partner(s) would be? Would they have to be Marvel, or can DC characters join the rich-people-superhero-fetish-squad? If he’s gay he’d probably want Thor and Batman in on the game. If he’s straight, I’d put my money on Black Widow and/or Catwoman.

4. He/she is a wealthy, absent parent who is frantically preparing a super sweet sixteen for their bratty, entitled spawn.

Our Chicago lawyer/investment banker/trust fund baby recently experienced a major crisis: Jr’s sixteenth birthday was rapidly approaching, and he had no clue what to get his increasingly distant child for this major event. Not realizing that Jr. had long since moved on to girls, internet pornography, and more girls, he spent a whole lot of dough on a favorite character from his son’s very recent past — Captain America. I would love to witness this tragic gift-giving, especially because the kid was probably expecting a BMW.

5. He/she WAS Captain America in a past life.

I’ve been living in Southern California for way too long. But still — you never know.

Again, these are just five of the scenarios that are currently playing out in my very damaged head. Why do you think this mysterious character mega-splurged on a Chris Evans costume? Were they a huge fan of Not Another Teen Movie?

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