‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ Movie Adaptation In the Works

Credit: Warner Bros. Television 

Get ready, Planeteers, because a Captain Planet movie is in the works. Yes, everyone’s favorite environmental hero is coming to the big screen.

Captain and the Planeteers was about five teens from North America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America who are give powers by Gaia, the Earth spirit, to protect the planet from pollution. When their powers alone weren’t enough, they summoned Captain Planet. Because he’s a hero. And he’s gonna take pollution down to zero.

Sony Pictures is in final negotiations to pick up the rights to the 1990s TV series, so the film adaptation is still in it’s early stages. There’s no word yet on whether the Captain and his Planeteers will face old baddies like Dr. Blight and Duke Nukem or if they’ll take on entirely new environmental villains. Anything goes at this point, but remember, the power is yours!

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