‘Carrie’ Trailer: Watch Chloe Moretz Completely Lose Her S**t


Don’t piss off Chloe Moretz. Seriously. We’ve already seen her kick ass in Kick Ass (the first and the upcoming sequel), and now she’s ready to blow s**t up… telepathically.

A new full-length trailer for the Carrie remake starring Moretz as the titular mentally powerful teen wronged at prom and Julianne Moore as her religious-freak mother just hit the web, and the footage is definitely creepy enough to dissuade anyone from bullying their classmate ever again (at least, we certainly hope so).

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While it doesn’t look all that different from the iconic imagery of Brian De Palma’s 1976 original, based on the Stephen King book about a loner high school girl who gets her revenge on her crazy mom and the mean kids at school, the remake certainly offers up enhanced special effects… and man, does that bloody scene look extra horrifying now. Does blood stain? Better take that prom dress to the dry cleaners!

Watch the trailer below:

Carrie hits theaters on October 18, 2013.

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