If the ‘Carrie’ Remake Is Half as Freaky as This Motion Poster, We’ll Call It a Win

Credit: Sony

When it comes to remakes, there is always the question of whether or not a new film can live up to the magic of the original. When it comes to horror remakes specifically, there’s an additional hurdle: how can something come off as scary if we already know what’s going to happen? Although everybody remembers the brutal ending of Brian de Palma’s Carrie, we’re still confident that the forthcoming remake can manage a few chills as it sends Chloe Moretz on a journey from high school outcast to an all-powerful being who lays waste to her wrongdoers. And what makes us so sure that Carrie will manage this degree of fright? The new motion poster from the movie, which is freaky enough on its own:

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