‘Cars 2’ Trailer Debuts!

Ahh! Conflicted — that is how I feel after watching this Cars 2 trailer. I mean, Cars was an okay Pixar film (although Pixar is like pizza — even if it’s bad it’s still pizza) so I didn’t really see the necessity of another one. But hey, I can’t argue with an annual revenue of $2 billion.

Anyway, Cars 2 you guys! There is some stuff about oil and Tokyo and bright lights and some car falls in a truck full of poop and bright lights and Owen Wilson and spies and bright lights and racing puns and Larry the Cable Guy and bright lights! Did I mention Michael Caine is a car with a mustache? He’s totally a car with facial hair! This might be the worst Pixar movie ever but that won’t stop me from lining up with the rest of the masses. It should be a fun, entertaining ride, and after all isn’t that what kid’s movies are supposed to be? They can’t all be Toy Story 3 and gut wrenching. Sometimes, you just have to be entertained. Bright lights!

Source: Vulture