Casey Affleck and McLovin in New ‘ParaNorman’ Trailer

The new ParaNorman trailer combines the strengths of the last two to deliver something of paramount utility. In the vein of the more recent trailer, this new look at the film gives us detailed insight into the story. Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is a young boy who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere (isn’t that how most of these movies begin?), except among ghosts—he can see and talk to dead people. But Norman becomes his town’s only hope when a witch brings a plague of zombies to the world, forcing Norman to use his special understanding of the spirit world to save his family, friends and neighbors.

And, in the vein of the original trailer, it plays on the foreground of Donovan’s masterful psychedelic rock song “Season of the Witch.” Best of both worlds.
ParaNorman packs a pretty impressive cast: Jeff Garlin and Leslie Mann play Norman’s parents, Anna Kendrick plays his older sister, and Casey Affleck and Christopher Mintz-Plasse play two of Norman’s antagonistic classmates. ParaNorman comes to theaters August 17.


Source: Apple