Casey Affleck Joins Christopher Nolan’s All-Star ‘Interstellar’ Cast


Casey Affleck is joining the already impressive cast of Christopher Nolan’s latest project, Interstellar. In an interview with Elle promoting his film Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Ben Affleck’s younger brother mentioned that he was “going to work on a Chris Nolan movie in the fall.” The folks at Nolan Fans put the pieces together and figured that Affleck must be the newest addition to the all-star cast, which includes Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, and Matthew McConaughey.

Nolan is directing and co-writing the sci-fi film, which is based on physicist Kip Thorne’s theories about wormholes and time travel. It’s unclear what role Affleck or any of the other cast members will be playing, because the plot details are being kept under wraps. But with Nolan taking on time travel, it’s bound to be awesome. Interstellar starts filming later this year and will be released in November 2014.

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