Cast Talks About Jordan Peele In Behind The Scenes of ‘Us’


Full disclaimer; I am a huge fan of Jordan Peele and the work he’s been doing lately.

Sure Key and Peele was a classic comedy as well as the other projects he’s gotten into, but when Get Out was released it brought him to the next level in a genre I feel he not only loves but is meant to do. The best horror films tackle something more than just ghouls and goblins, and Peele showed us that in Get Out, and has brought it to the next level it seems in Us.

To create a great movie you need a good director, and apparently, Peele kills it in that too. In the above interview Lupita Nyong’o praises Jordan’s communication skills, Elisabeth Moss tells us what it took Jordan for her to be in the film (hint it’s not much), Shahadi Wright Joseph talks about Jordan’s demeanor on set, Evan Alex says meeting Jordan was the best thing that happened in his life, Winston Duke dives into how Jordan knows the world that he’s created, and Jordan talks about what inspired him.


‘Us’ releases on March 22, 2019.