Cast Tell Us About The Horrors In ‘The Bye Bye Man’


Creating a new horror villain can be tough, especially when there are already so many loved ones out there. Enter, The Bye Bye Man.

Three college kids have moved out of their dorms and into an old house off campus. Elliot (Smith) has uncovered a scary being known as the Bye Bye Man. When someone hears the name, they can’t get it out of their head. When they think about him, he comes to kill. “Don’t Think It, Don’t Say It” is the common theme of the film. Once he arrives he makes you do horrific things, even to your family and friends.

In the above interview, Douglas Smith discusses his fear while reading the script, The Bye Bye Man himself Doug Jones goes deeper into the story, Lucien Laviscount talks about the journey that each character takes, and Carrie-Anne Moss tells us what the real horror is.


The Bye Bye Man is out to haunt this FridayJanuary 13, 2017,

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