Catherine Zeta-Jones Joins Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren for ‘Red 2’

ALT In 2010, director Robert Schwentke released the Golden Globe-nominated action-comedy Red, which focused on a group of retired secret agents to “get back in the game” and take on a new threat. As such, the cast was made up of relatively older actors: Bruce Willis was the young gun of the bunch, surrounded by Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and a senile John Malkovich. The forthcoming sequel Red 2 is opting for a slightly different angle with its newest cast member: Catherine Zeta-Jones.



Zeta-Jones is slated to join Willis, Mirren and Malkovich for the followup to Schwentke’s film, which will be directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest.) Additionally, Byung-hun Lee (best known as Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe film series) is also on board for the sequel.



Of course, neither of these two younger performers (Zeta-Jones is 42, Lee is 40) will be joining the team of retired agents. In the first movie, Mary-Louise Parker (who is also returning for the sequel) played a civilian who got wrapped up in their so-called black-ops. Considering Zeta-Jones’ flair for super-humanity, and Lee’s experience with the action genre will probably pit each of them as some kind of younger stealth agent and perhaps at odds with the returning team. The AARP crowd loves that kinda stuff!



[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]









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