Celebrate Halloween with Our Modern Horror Movie Montage

Many people don’t get Halloween. Some think of it as a silly holiday. Just an excuse to indulge your hedonism without public disapproval. Some call it a demonic festivity. Others, just plain stupid. But all of those people know nothing of its true nature.

Halloween is a holiday that celebrates the most base human sensibility there is: fear. In our normal lives, we try to avoid fear. It’s Darwinian to do so. But once a year, it is healthy to embrace all of the things that terrify us—be it rational or not.

Below is a montage of classic scenes from the horror genre. The clip has got every trademark of the theme: contorting faces, mirror appearances, after-hours forestation, blood, anthropomorphic reptiles, creatures emerging as if from nowhere, Freddy Kruger, backwards crawling, blades, sharks, pitchforks, cells (both prison and biological), the Devil, werewolves, ghost children, zombies, bugs, drowning and human centipedes.

Enjoy! Or cower. Whatever your preference.