Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson and Others in a Very Real Scene in First ‘Ten Year’ Clip

Promos for Ten Year and American Reunion may be just taking advantage of our easy target “end of summer/getting older” sensibilities, but at least they’re doing so with some class and sincerity—and a whole lot of promise.

From the looks of the below clip, the first released from the upcoming Jamie Linden film, we have little to worry about. Linden’s characters—played here by Channing Tatum (driver), Oscar Isaac (shotgun), Anthony Mackie (back left) and the battering ram of comedy that is Chris Pratt (argyle). They banter. It’s light banter. Not particularly memorable dialogue. But it’s a memorable tone. You can believe that these four were once best friends…and you can believe that now, things are different.

The tone of Ten Year will likely be a more somber one than that in American Reunion, but not for the sake of easy tears. This clip breathes authenticity. This gang of four is gradually getting back in step with one another. And then there’s Rosario Dawson. Now, they may be playing up the “reunited loves” thing a little heavily for the sake of screen drama…but I think we can forgive any extended use of Rosario Dawson.

There’s about forty-seven other awesome actors in this movie: honing their talents in these images for scenes centered around sitting in cars, throwing toilet paper, drinking heavily…the works.

Ten Year debuts at TIFF this Monday, September 12.

Source: Indiewire