Channing Tatum to play Evel Knievel. Could ‘50 Shades’ Be Next?

Channing TatumUp until this point, Channing Tatum’s unbridled enthusiasm for tackling new aspects of the filmmaking process has been the stuff of gold. But extending his reach beyond acting and producing might prove fatal when it comes to his newest venture, a biopic of daredevil Evel Knievel. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Tatum is in talks to take on the lead in this project. has reached out to Tatum’s reps for confirmation.

Sometime in 2011, the charming young ex-stripper seemed to be out to prove that he was capable of far more than just defying socioeconomic restrictions through dance. The past few months have seen Tatum take on a huge variety of starring roles — comedic, dramatic, romantic, action — and, more impressively, acting as producer on a handful of his newer movies. And while no one would mind seeing a Tatum write or direct a feature film, there is one area that might prove disastrous for the young man: doing his own stunts.

Sure, Tatum is clearly acrobatically gifted, as proven by his film history. He handled choreography in Step Up, extreme biking in Supercross, chasing down criminals in 21 Jump Street, military action in G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra and will likely do the same in its upcoming sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation. He Maybe, someday, Tatum might be able to handle his own stunts on a cinematic project. But not on an Evel Knievel movie, Tatum. Please. Don’t. We love you already, we promise.

The biopic is being set forth a producing pair that recently latched onto the developing Fifty Shades of Grey movie. This leads to a bit of speculation about whether or not Tatum might be considered for that film as well. To date, Tatum hasn’t really played the shifty type, save for in Haywire, wherein his intentions were a bit murky at times. Otherwise, he’s generally handled the hero, likely do to his general affability and boyish charm, but that doesn’t mean a tormented villain like Christian Grey is beyond his scope. It would be a new turn for the actor, but considering the ambition we’ve seen from him so far, that’s nothing that should shock you.

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