Channing Tatum Twists His Way Into ‘The Contortionist’s Handbook’

ALTChanning Tatum will star in The Contortionist’s Handbook, an adaptation of Craig Clevenger’s acclaimed novel. The star of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra and Stop-Loss will also produce the film, with his 33andout partner Reid Carolin.

The noir-like drama tells the story of John Dolan Vincent, a skilled forger who suffers from debilitating migraines, and must move between a number of identities in order to escape from his past crimes. The script for the film comes from first time screenwriter Robin Shushan.

This will be Tatum’s first time producing a film, and marks a move away from action work into something meatier. The Step Up star may not have had the most promising start to his career, but he’s proven that he’s a capable actor in dramatic work, like 2008 Iraq war picture Stop-Loss. The Contortionist’s Handbook could be a great opportunity for Tatum to upgrade his career, and move from a “poor man’s Ryan Reynolds” to a “Sam Worthington who can act”, on the great celebrity sliding scale I just made up. However, before he starts to work on Handbook, he’ll have a whole lot of promoting to do. Tatum has three projects due out in early 2011, Steve Soderbergh action flick Haywire, Roman centurion drama The Eagle, and Ron Howard comedy The Dilemna. He also starts work on The Vow with Rachel McAdams later this year.

Production on The Contortionist’s Handbook will start in early 2011.

Source: THR