Charlie Sheen In ‘Expendables 2?’: Face Palm Of The Day

Charlie SheenLet me see if I understand this correctly. Trash a hotel room, score some drugs, hang out with a hooker/porn star, get rewarded. I think I can handle that. Granted, I’m sure I won’t be rewarded like Charlie Sheen and get parts in Expendables 2 and have an early career starting franchise resurrected like Major Leagues IV but I’m sure it would be equivalent. Perhaps I would be given a promotion and be in charge of applying cleavage tan to super models.

I’ll stop.

I mean, do we even have to be sarcastic about this any more? Shouldn’t we all have learned our lesson? Apparently not because Two and a Half Men’s ratings are up (PEOPLE: TV shows are filmed months in advance. You won’t notice the powder under his nose from his latest binge until about February) and now we get words of these two possible film roles for Mr. Sheen. Really folks? We want to reward this kind of behavior? Come on, CBS. I thought you were all about family and values and all that sort of stuff. Why else would nearly every other person in America watch you regularly? Have you glued their TVs to your station? What’s your secret? Does Charlie Sheen know it? I guarantee you it’s not bad enough to keep letting him embarrass you like this, I promise.

Please, let’s just stop this once and for all. Everyone, on the count of three stop watching Two and a Half Men. Ready? One. Two. Three!

Did everyone stop?

You’re still watching it, aren’t you?

For shame, sir. For shame.

Source: IndieWire