Charlize Theron To Star In ‘Dark Places’ Adaptation? — REPORT 

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First Reese Witherspoon and now, quite possibly, Charlize Theron. Author Gillian Flynn not only knows how to get readers hooked with her books, she attracts A-list stars to their big screen adaptations.

The Oscar-winning Witherspoon is on board to produce (and perhaps star in) the movie version of Flynn’s talked-about bestseller Gone Girl (David Fincher is set to adapt the dark nail-biter), and now, according to Deadline, the Oscar-winning Theron is the name attached to the big screen adaption of Flynn’s other talked-about bestseller Dark Places. ( reached out to Theron’s reps for a response to the report, but they could not be immediately reached for contact.)

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While the project originally had Amy Adams on board, Theron is now a strong contender for the part. And what a part it is. In the film, Theron would play the story’s protagonist Libby, a woman who, as a child, witnessed the murder of her mother and sisters by what’s thought to be a cult. Years after testifying against her brother in court for the crime, Libby, who has since become a hardened recluse, crosses paths with the Kill Club, a secret group dedicated to solving grisly mysteries and crimes. Libby then must recall, through a series of flashbacks, the horrific murders and begin to piece it all back together. Like we said, it’s quite a role, not to mention one Theron is more than suited for, considering what she’s done with darker material before. (See: The Road, Young Adult, Monster, In the Valley of Elah.)

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Dark Places, which has Gilles Paquet-Brenner (Sarah’s Key, Pretty Things) attached as a director, is reportedly looking for a March 2013 start date. In the meantime, Theron’s next project Mad Max: Fury Road, doesn’t hit theaters until 2014.

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