Check Out ‘Love Beats Rhymes’ Trailer Directed by RZA


Wu-Tang Clan is known as one of the greatest rap ensembles ever with “Enter the Wu-Tang” being one of raps greatest albums. One of the groups founding members, RZA, has taken to directing. In 2012 he came out with ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’ and now his second film ‘Love Beats Rhymes’ is about to be released.

The film follows Coco (Azealia Banks), an aspiring rapper. She and her group are kind of at a standstill and she’s wondering what will it take to get to that next level. Coco takes a step back to go to a university where she decides to go to school and learning Slam poetry and learns to rap about something personal rather than the generic stuff she used to rap about. Now she has to figure out how to mold her old stuff with raps that matter.

The film has an awesome blend of actors including Hanna Mae Lee, Method Man, Common, Jill Scott, Lucien Laviscount and more. For a while we weren’t sure when the film would get released, considering the film finished in June of 2015. Finally, we have an answer.


‘Love Beats Rhymes’ releases in theaters and on Demand on December 1, 2017.

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