Check Out Scar Jo In The ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Super Bowl Spot


One of the best things about the Super Bowl besides food, friends, the halftime show, and oh yeah the game, is the commercials. Companies spend millions for 30 seconds of your life during the most watched event on tv.

One of the commercials is for ‘Ghost In The Shell’, and people are apprehensive about it. The film is a remake of the Japanese film which was based off the manga Kōkaku Kidōtai (translated as Mobile Armored Riot Police), and people loved it.

But when you try to adapt something, especially something that fans are already very fond of, people get nervous. Scarlett Johansson who plays as The Major, a policewoman who found out when she was dying, so she became a cyborg so she could combat terrorism. Now she has to go up against a computer hacker, and find out what happened to her.


Ghost In The Shell releases March 31, 2017.